Bridging portuguese people

Grouuer is an online platform that facilitates contact among Portuguese people around the world, establishing stronger and more effective personal and professional connections that open up new horizons and provide new opportunities.

Grouuer objectives

Grouuer’s starting point is a country – Portugal, and its mission is to facilitate the creation of bridges among Portuguese citizens, whether living in Portugal or any other country, that share the same language, culture and collective memory of a people that always dared to challenge boundaries (frontiers).
We believe that by strengthening these new bridges of contact, we can bring together Portuguese citizens spread across the globe and create a plural and dynamic common meeting point that helps generate new employment and business opportunities as well as the promotion of Portuguese language and culture.
We believe in the Portuguese entrepreneurial drive, in Portugal or anywhere else in the world. We believe that, through Grouuer, we can take advantage of the fact that we speak the same language and share information, knowledge and experience about different countries, markets and cultures that will certainly bring about that competitive edge when we decide to look for new opportunities and conquer new markets.
The experience of those who live and know other countries, other cultures and other labor markets is a precious asset to those who are looking for a new challenge, a new possibility of promoting their products, ideas or even dreams.

The Portuguese that work, study or live in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Norway, Australia… and in so many other countries where the culture, values and essence of being Portuguese is promoted, can now be directly connected through Grouuer, which will make contact, interaction and sharing of information in real time a lot easier.
The crane is a migratory bird that, just like the Portuguese, takes on adventure and crosses countries in search of new horizons. Grouuer will allow Portuguese people to fly higher and farther and know how to always return to the place where they feel at home.