1 What is Grouuer? Grouuer is a platform that facilitates connections among Portuguese citizens spread across the globe: whether they live, study or work in Portugal or any other country.
2 Are only Portuguese able to use Grouuer? No, anyone can register on Grouuer and benefit from its connections. Nevertheless, since one of Grouuer’s aims is to promote Portugal and the Portuguese spread across the globe, only these will be mapped and appear on searches.
3 Is it compulsory to live abroad to be able to register? No, residents in Portugal can and should also register on Grouuer.
4 What is the ‘Opportunities’ area (section)? It is the section where job opportunities around the world will be shared. Portuguese that work in foreign markets are excellent spokespeople for new opportunities, as they better understand local reality and needs and also have faster access to information. Thus, propagation of employment possibilities around the world is faster and more effective.
5 Who can divulge job offers in the ‘Opportunities’ section? Anyone that is registered can divulge job offers in Grouuer’s opportunities section.
6 Will my information become public by registering? To be shown on the map and have a profile that can be accessed by anyone, it is necessary to create a public profile. Registration will only allow to search and contact Portuguese citizens that possess public profiles.
7 What is a public profile? It is the visible profile, one that is reachable and traceable by people or companies. The private profile will only allow searches but no interaction.
8 Why is Grouuer in Portuguese and English? Since the promotion of Portuguese people and Portugal is one of Grouuer’s aims, we must consider the fact that all information should also be available in English, thus allowing more people and companies to come into contact with the Portuguese. Foreigners will not be mapped or searchable but they are able to search and exchange information with the Portuguese.
9 How can I support Grouuer? The best way to support the project is to disseminate and share it. The more registered Portuguese, the more useful Grouuer will become.